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Once Upon the Time via ICT

The project Once Upon A Time via ICT originated from the feeling that nowadays children don´t read enough and that their reading competences are getting worse. As reading competence is a very important skill and plays decisive role in the process of education, we decided to help our students to improve this skill. As children rather spend their time in front of the computer, tablet or with their smart phones than with a book, we decided to interface the old fashioned books with modern ICT techologies that are so popular among children.
As one of our main objectives is to draw our pupils back to national heritage, we decided to translate four national fairy tales and legends into easy English because these stories build our national consciousness. Our pupils will hopefully discover beauty of our national fairy-tales and legends and will be able to understand and appreciate fairy-tales and legends of other countries. We believe they will find reading and writing interesting activity that brings pleasure and develops imagination. Finally, we hope our students will get positive experience with meeting different cultures, they will open their
minds to diversity and understand what it means to be a European citizen. 


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