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Learning Teaching Training Activity  in Spain - Short term exchange for group  of students

We received  our  partner teams on Saturday and Sunday,  on February the 15th  and 16th. On Monday the 17th  we welcomed them to our school with a music performance prepared by our music teacher and some students. In it popular songs from all the participant countries were included. Our headmaster  addressed some words to all the participants. Before the break the students showed presentations of their schools and countries. After the break, we all participated in an ice breaking activity, trying to create a choreography related to one of our stories. After that, we went to the Town Hall,  where we met our  Mayoress. The teachers had  lunch together and the students went to their host families. In the evening students, teachers and families were gathered to have dinner together. The Spanish families cooked typical dishes and we all enjoyed a very nice evening.

On the second day, the students participated in a workshop with a famous  young illustrator of our province. All the students enjoyed the experience and made an  illustration by themselves. After the break we went on a guided tour to visit the landmarks of Baeza. Our students of 2nd year were in charge of guiding  the foreign students and teachers. Before that, the students had lunch with the families and the teachers enjoyed typical Andalusian tapas in the afternoon.

On our third day we had a whole day trip to Granada. This city is very important to know the historical background of some of our stories. We visited the old town, the famous neighbourhood of Albayzin and the Alhambra Palace. It was a very interesting but tiring day.

On Thursday 20th the students had a workshop about graffiti and as a result they drew the logo of the project and the illustration of one of our stories on a wall in our playground. At midday we went to Úbeda,  where we had lunch together and we visited the city and places related to  one of our legends.

On the last day, Friday, the students took part in a language activity and after that we went to Cazorla, the city where one of our stories takes place. We visited the town and knew more about the legend. We had lunch together there.  In the afternoon we  celebrated  a farewell dinner, which ended with the certificates being given to the participants. Previously we had enjoyed a Flamenco Show.

All the participants left very early the next morning. It was an interesting and rewarding week, as our project objectives were accomplished.  The students socialized with one another and enjoyed the week so much that there were even tears and hugs the moment when the foreign  students left Baeza.  

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