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ZS Lanskroun, Bedricha Smetany 460, okr. Ústí nad Orlicí

Our school is located in Eastern Bohemia, in Pardubice region. It has about 400 pupils and 28 teachers. Our school covers educational plan Naše škola (Our School). Our pupils are from 6 to 15 years old and come from Lanškroun and nearby villages. There are some immigrant pupils from Slovakia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. We have several pupils with educational problems and there are 2 assistent workers to help them with their learning.

All our classrooms are equiped with a computer and a smart board or a data projector. We have a special ICT classroom with thirty computers, language classrooms, a kitchen  for pupils to learn cooking and a nice modern gym.

We participate in various projects funded from European Union. We teach two foreign languages: English and German. Our pupils take part in different types of competitions in Science, Sports, Maths and Languages. We organize educational trips to Germany, Austria and Great Britain to motivate our pupils to learn foreign languages. We are the coordinating school for the project OUT via ICT.

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