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November 19-23 Šiauliai ‘Saulėtekio’ gymnasium teachers participated in Erasmus + project “Once Upon a Time via ICT” in short-term joint staff mobility in Anamur, Turkey.

Teachers implementing the project from the Czech Republic (coordinating country), Portugal, Italy, Spain and Lithuania at the public DP Atatürk Secondary School. The project activities are funded by the European Commission's Erasmus + program.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the main activities, the exact dates of the mobility, the evaluation criteria (for creative writing). It was decided that the main result of the two-year project would be a collection of folk tales and legends translated into English. Each partner country must translate and select two tales and two legends in English in their country and prepare assignments for each fairy tale and legend. Students should draw illustrations for each piece. Three versions of the book will be available: printed, electronic, and audiobook. Student will try to create their own fictional historical artificial international groups.

We observed the educational process at VB Atatürk school. The basics of working with the e-Twinning platform were led by Ayhan Sezdirmez (teacher from Turkey). We visited Kizkalesi Castle (Maiden’s Castlel) and had an interesting trip to Mersin, a city in southern Turkey. The host country (Turkey) organized a sightseeing tour of the town of Anamur where we could see not only tourists but also local life.   


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I-st meeting in Turkey
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Visual expression is developing by tales


On 17-23 February, a short-term mobility of student groups took place in the Erasmus + KA2 project Once Upon a Time via ICT in Felgeiras, Portugal. The project activities are funded by the European Commission's Erasmus + program.

We got acquainted with the history and traditions of the Agrupamento de Escolas de Airães school. Students, along with teachers, participated in an English lesson. One of the most responsible moments  was to present our country's fairy tale ‘Eglė the Queen of the Grassnakes’ in an interesting way, so that we could all overcome the tasks we had also prepared for the project participants.

An invaluable experience was listening to tales from other countries and performing a variety of tasks. The project participants learned not only six tales, but also improved their English vocabulary, grammatical structures, and were able to perform tasks that required logical thinking skills.

II-nd meeting in Portugal
When a fairy tale and acting come together

The short-term mobility of student groups of the Erasmus + project “Once Upon a Time via ICT” took place at Šiauliai 'Saulėtekio' gymnasium.

Project participants from the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey (especially those who visited Lithuania for the first time), living in Lithuanian families, had the opportunity to get to know the culture of our country.

 All project participants were actively involved in the planned project-related activities. Because each country is required to present two fairy tales and legends in English, this time we have focused on legends. We first went to the Hill of Crosses so that the participants could get acquainted with the details of this unique place, hear legends about it and the history of its origin. The second legend that Lithuanians will have to translate into English will be about Gediminas Hill. So we went to the capital to get information about it. The participants captured the most important moments, so they will be able to complete the tasks related to this legend easily, when the story of Gediminas Hill will be translated into English.

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III-rd meeting in Lithuania
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Representatives of Šiauliai "Saulėtekio" Gymnasium in Italy
On November 16-23, representatives of Šiauliai ‘Saulėtekis’ Gymnasium participated in the ERASMUS + project “Once upon a time via ICT” in Italy. When the plane was landing at Rome airport, we fell into a storm, so we had to land at another airport. We spent Sunday having fun and socializing with the families who hosted us. On Monday, we introduced our country and school to the project partners, played Italian sports games. Tuesday started quite early as we went to Rome, where we saw the Colosseum, the fountains of love. We also had free time for admiring Rome on our own and getting acquainted with Italian cuisine (we tasted Italian pizza and pasta dishes). On Wednesday, we worked at the school, watched a movie and visited the Necropolis - an ancient cemetery where tombs have survived even since the 9th century. pr. m. e. On Thursday we went to Rome again and visited the Vatican, where we visited St. Peter's Basilica and we climbed into its dome, from which a wonderful panorama of the city opened up. After that, we went to the escape rooms, where we had to unite with other participants in the project and solve puzzles together. On Friday, we worked at school again, creating stories and presenting them to others, meeting with a writer who explained what steps need to be taken to write a good book. Then we visited the town of Ceri, which is located on a fortified Tufo plateau. In the evening we went to a farewell party where we danced, sang and had fun with Italian families. On Saturday morning on the way to the airport a car tire exploded. Nevertheless we returned home successfully. The week passed very quickly. We got acquainted with the most visited objects in Italy, the history of the country and improved our English language skills. The time spent in Italy was full of excitement and adventures.
IV-th meeting in Italy
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Erasmus + KA2 'Once Upon a Time' project visit to Spain

Representatives of Šiauliai ‘Saulėtekio’ Gymnasium continue their travels related to the Erasmus + KA2 “Once Upon a Time” project. During this trip, on February 15-22, the high school students visited Spain, Baeza.

Project participants visited a partner's school in Baeza, where they made various activities-meeting with book illustrator, made graffiti drawing on the school wall, presented stories and worked with learning materials of the third story. Project students and teachers attended the mayor of the city who welcomed the high school students with joy.

 We also visited three other cities - Granada, Ubeda and Cazorla.

   The warm weather, Spanish food, and the families they lived with left many unforgettable moments and memories. Gymnasium students were impressed by Spanish culture and the charm of the sunsets in the town of Baeza.

V-th meeting in Spain
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Printed book - Lithuanian tales and legends in school library

This book was produced by the community of Šiauliai "Saulėtekis" gymnasium, participating in the ERASMUS + project Once Upon a Time via ICT, with partners from Chech, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Portugal.

The aim of the project was to show pupils that fairy tales and legends must not be forgotten.

A fairy tale is a reflection of our life, conveyed in a much more fun and playful form.

Therefore, we invite you to dive into the fairy tales you already know together with our creators and rediscover something new.

Book in pocket
‘Saulėtekio’ gymnasium students participating in the project have binded their own miniature books of fairy tales and legends, that were printed. Though the book is smaller than phone, it can be read. It’s a different look at the book, a desire to promote it, you may take it with yourself even in the pocket. It was honour to donate these miniatures to the mayors of Baeza (Spain) and Cerveteri (Italy) towns,
to the project 'Once Upon a Time via ICT' partners, friends, also the books were exhibited in town library.
photo  in  school gallery 

In the town library Lieporių branch - a story on how to create a book from beginning to end

To the public library the exhibition has arrived in with quite wide claims. The exhibition presents the creative work of the school students 'Once Upon a Time via ICT'  according to the international project Erasmus+ program. :) We invite you to the exhibition. The oppeening will be held until July 5  / 2020   address: Tilžės g. 36, Šiauliai, Lithuania.     

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More about exhibition

Lithuanian tales and legends portrayed in post cards as an outcome of our project

'Once upon a Time...'

All the postcards in reverse side includs Erasmus+ and project 'OUTviaICT' logos, name of project, flags of participating contrys, also the logo of 'Saulėtekis' gymnasium and the illustration authors 

In the postcards below there are shelters decorated by students in the kindergarten 'Bite'. 

It's based on tales 'Untold stories'