Dissemination of project


To the public library the exhibition has arrived in with quite wide claims. The exhibition presents the creative work of the school students " once upon a time via ICT) according to the international project Erasmus program. :) We invite you to the exhibition. The oppeening will be held until July 5  address: Tilžės g. 36, Šiauliai, Lithuania.  

More information 👉 https://www.biblioteka.smsvb.lt/renginiai/lieporiu-filiale-istorija-kaip-sukurti-knyga-nuo-pradzios-iki-galo/


Lithuanian tales and legends portrayed in post cards as an outcome of our project

'Once upon a Time...'   

Illustrations of the book Lithuanian 'Eglė – the Queen of the Grass Snakes' 

 Movie 'Memories'

As dissemination of project 'Once upon a Time via ICT',  students decorated shelters in neighborhood kindergarten 'Bite'. The theme of drawings based on tales 'Untold stories'.

In the postcards below there are shelters decorated by students in the kindergarten 'Bite'. 

It's based on tales 'Untold stories'

Improvisation of the tale 'Little Red Riding Hood' 

Activities of the Project 'Once Upon a Time via ICT' in the kindergarten 'Bite'. 

Children created characters and played roles. It was fun  :)

Once Upon a Time via ICT