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Šiaulių "Saulėtekio" Gymnasium
Lieporių g. 2,  78244 Šiauliai, Lithuania
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Šiaulių ”Saulėtekio“ Gymnasium provides a high-quality secondary education. Founded 40 years ago, our expertise has helped us to develop a curriculum that embodies three outstanding values: students‘ self-expression, conditions and safety. It is a gymnasium of approximately 300 students (aged 15-19). Improving availability of educational facilities makes our gymnasium distinct from other educational institutions.


Classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids, digital whiteboards as well as computing devices so that students can make remarkable progress and demonstrate a brilliant performance during the exams.  In essence, professional arts and handicrafts  workshops are also  organised, which are aimed at  developing  students‘ creatitity. Applying innovative approaches in educational process enables every student to acquire requisite skills. If a student  is interested in chemistry and biology, he/she is  given a great chance to attend an extended integrated Chemistry-Biology course, which  aims  at providing students with in-depth knowledge.


If it is necessary, students do laboratory experiments with the aim of putting everything what they have learnt into practice. Regarding extra-curricular activities, a particular emhpasis is paid on art and design. The members of robotics club take not only in national but also in  international competitions. Sport is considered to be of vital importance as well. There is a great possibility of immersing yourself in TRX programme.


In addition to practising using TRX techniques, students can also  enrich their leisure time. Undoubtedly, there is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your body. Distance education program allows students successfully finish the gymnasium from different parts of the word.

We will be happy, if you find some time to spend wih us :)

Some archive photos  

Some archive photos 

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