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Dissemination among teachers of our Province - Baeza , SPAIN

The coordinators of the project ONCE UPON A TIME VIA ICT in our school  participated  in a course organised by the CEP  (an official  institution specialised in the  training  and development of education) of Úbeda. This event took part on February the 5th.  This course was addressed  to new teachers, those who have became civil servants the last year  in our province, Jaén. 

One of the objectives of the course was to inform about the different programmes, projects and actions in which schools and teachers are, or can be involved in. One important part of this actions are undoubtedly, the European programmes that are now joined in the so called  ERASMUS + programme.

The schedule of the course included a session of one hour and a half with an explanation of the different actions included in ERASMUS + and  examples of good practices in these actions.

Two members of the Spanish team that is developing the project OUT via ICT explained to the new teachers the experience of our school IES ANDRÉS DE VANDELVIRA  in these projects, encouraging  them to make thee most of  them in the future in the European Programmes. They showed them the procedures and terms of application, characteristics, advantages and insisted on the great enrichment that these kind of projects have to students, teachers and schools.

 After this general explanation, they focused on our current project, informing about the characteristics and objectives of our project,  showing the audience images of our meetings, of our students at work interacting with foreign students, pictures of our legends and different aspects of our project. 

One good and very satisfactory thing was that one of the teachers who has been working for a journal of our capital province, Jaén, assessed that the idea of writing, working and showing traditional and oral legends of our region in a European programme have to be in the newspapers of the region and she took for granted that the newspaper would  be interested in our project and will contact the coordinators to write about it.

The experience was really positive and it served to the dissemination of our project. We have to add that the participants in the event were almost one hundred teachers that are now already working in different high schools of our region.  

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