Lithuanian students about project

I enjoyed travel to Italia. Everyone was very friendly to me. I learned more about their culture  and traditions. We  spent time really good and well. The most amazing thing that happened was to be near the coliseum. Thanks for being so sweet, helpful and thoughtful for me.

Guste Malinauskaite, 16, Form II   

A Short-Exchange Mobility in Italy


On 16th November, the participants of the project „Once Upon a Time via ICT“ from Siauliai „Sauletekis“ Gymnasium went to Italy, Rome. The students worked on the project for five working days. All the activities were interesting and exciting because the partners from Italy were well-prepared. Students had to create strories in mixed groups. They improved their communicative and writing skills. The next day, the participants of the project watched a movie about children‘s fairy tales and found about something new about charecters of different stories. We also met a book writer, who told us about writing strategies and techniques. After that we worked in groups once again because we had to write a story about imaginary features.

Generally speaking, students from different countries had an opportunity to spend two days in Rome. We went sightseeing and explored the city. We saw the Colosseum, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions. By the way, we visited other sights, which are also well-known for every tourist. Vatican City impressed us most. On the last day, all participants of the project had a farewell party and they had a great time together. We got home on 23rd November.The trip was memorable.


Written by Ineta Kojelytė, 16, Form IIb

It was a great opportunity to see Italy and its culture. It was a fun and interesting week, although there could have been more activities and they should be by the schedule (there usually were problems with timetables and agenda). But despite that time in this country with this project was great.

Eva Bertasiute, 16, Form II

It was a great opportunity to go to Italy and meet new people. I really enjoyed being there and I hope that I’ll get another opportunity to go back.

Viktorija Gabrielaityte, 17, Form III

Once Upon a Time via ICT