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Once Upon a Time Via ICT - Lithuanian teachers about experience related to this project


Participating in the project is an opportunity to know


culture of other countries, to learn how our colleagues


 work, to find many great friends and to improve our


 English skills.

Lina Jokubauskiene


                     It was great meeting colleagues and making new friends from other parts of the world!


And it was great fun collaborating and exchanging knowledge and experience with them. I am grateful to their time and wisdom that they shared with us.


I had a brilliant opportunity to excel my English language skills and to learn about different methods of teaching. The places we visited were truly fascinating. We were thrilled to meet all the interesting people, learn about their customs, culture and to try the local cuisine.


We had the best experience visiting local places, away from traditional tourist routes when travelling to Anamur in Turkey, suburbs of Rome and Andalusia in Spain. 


As a professional I was very interested in doing this project because it opened up the opportunities of inviting the project partners to our school and to share our knowledge/ experience with them.


The book and especially the illustrations played an important role in encouraging school and preschool age children

to take interest in literature. Multiple graphic techniques have been used in order to create engaging and stimulating images that would inspire creativity.


I am personally happy to have had the opportunity to improve my IT proficiency when creating the online content and tasks, updating the virtual project platform. 

Although the global pandemic has had an effect on the project timeline, we are proud about the outcome which is the beautifully illustrated book of tales and legnds. 


My sincere thanks to all of participants, it was a true pleasure working with everyone involved.


Good luck!


Rasa Prišmontienė

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