Vakıfbank Atatürk Secondary School

Vakıfbank Atatürk Secondary School is a state school in Anamur, Mersin. It is a secondary school with two disabled classes and two kindergarten classes with 1017 students between 10-15 ages, 64 teachers and 4 principals. Students are from countryside, middle class or city center. Our school is located in a disadvantaged area. It takes five hours from Anamur the nearest cities.

 Our school is registered in Unesco ASPnet. 

First, our school participated in ITEC project supported by European Commission in 2011 and it is also a pilot school
about new technology usage in education. We were elected as the most successful school of Turkey in 2013 in Regional Scientific Competitions and as the most successful second by Science and
Technology Ministry. We participated in Turkey's first Innovation Fair led by Creative Children Organization and got the Jury Prize. Our school was the coordinator of a Comenius project TRECON between 2011-2013.We were a partner two different ERASMUS project between 2014-2016 and we have one on-going project between 2017-2020 and we have 3 project between 2018-2020.

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